Friday , August 19 2022

Coté Quintanilla disrupts "beauty" comments for the Viña Gala with a message to receive in Mucho Gusto


Nowadays, the small screen focuses on one theme: Viña del Mar Festival, which starts on Friday with the red carpet of the Gala. There will be a hundred celebrities that will be worn in millions of uniforms that will not be prepared for this date.

This told the panel of the Great Taste with Di Mondo as a guest on Thursday. There they reviewed some looks of previous galas and gave a "beauty" advice.

In this way, the Ivette Vergara panellist, she's eating less before the event looks better on her costume.

The second to take the floor was the Argentina model, Paula Bolatti, who explained that some people who are going to this type of events drink enough water for five days, and ultimately not they do not drink at all, which would cause the body to "Tighten".

Then the young singer María José Quintanilla gave an interruption to the panel, who had a clear problem telling them: "I'm sorry to break you. The woman, a girl in your house, looks after you Everyday, have a healthy diet, because these things are bread for today and hunger tomorrow, be happy with your body and put the dress that's right for you, thank you", He launched.

The artist is close to the movement positive body and on several occasions he has commented on his personal admission route before the comments made about his physics.

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