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Cosquin Rock is expanding: an Argentine festival with an international projection


Former guitarist Los Redondos, Skay Beilinson, was first in Asunción in the heart of the Cordova festival, whose most visible face is José Palazzo's producer Credit: kindness of Nath Aguilar

ASUNCIÓN, Paraguay.- Who said Argentina was only exporting agricultural products? For two years, Argentina has been exporting rocks, with the brand of the festival as the capital: Cosquín Rock. Since February 2017, the Cordoba festival has taken Argentine music for a tour of the continent and has already run for nine editions in cities such as Guadalajara (Mexico), Lima (Peru), Bogotá (Colombia), La Paz (Bolivia), Santiago (Chile)), Montevideo (Uruguay) and Asuncion (Paraguay), with the promise of adding next year's issue in Costa Rica and another, less, in Spain. More than 40 local artists and bands were already part of this adventure, with heavy rock pressure, such as Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Fito Páez, Ciro a Los Persas y Los Enanitos Verdes; Long-term groups that had never stimulated other soils of Latin America, such as Las Pelotas and Skay and Los Fakires; Increasing bands, such as La Beriso, Eruca Sativa and Las Pastillas del Abuelo, and also promising youth, such as Zero Kill (the group of Benito Cerati), Indians and Tourists Band. "In these two years a music factory was established, which is being fed back by replacing artists from all over the continent," said José Palazzo, the ideologist and strong man of the festival that started there during the troubled 2001 at Plaza Prospero Molina de Cosquín. and in 2020 he will celebrate his unexpected twenty years.

"Every entrepreneur asks me if Cosquín is a franchise, but no, we come, bet and risk, we have developed it as a business unit with local partners from different countries who understand the concept of the festival" , continues with the producer of Córdoba the back path of what this weekend was in the last edition of the year, in Asunción, with a grid that the presence of Manu Chao, as well as the legend of Argentina, about the first time in this adjoining country.

Twenty-two years ago, the Argentine Rock was attacking Latin America for the first time, with Soda Stereo, Virus, Zas, Los Enanitos Verdes and GIT, but since then, except for small exceptions, the groups had A difficult time genre to have the same weight on the continent. So far Although it adapts to the times and rules of music industry guidelines, the watch is the flag that brings together a local rock in this new battle. "We took advantage of the reputation and what was Soda, Los Cadillacs, Charly García and Fito Páez, which in turn produces the idea that Argentina's rock is good." From that fan to the present day, there is a break and other entrances, but the idea is to restore that land and not just for the Argentine rocks, but also for Latin America. The genetics of the festival are to recover that space that had the rock on the continent in the 80's. I'm convinced that I'm convinced that Cosquín Rock will be the engine for the movement of American music to get an important place in the industry once again, "palazzo enthuses, and a group of young people asked him to take his identity for the eleventh Sixteen in the day. Here, the producer of Cordoba is one more rock star and thanks to everyone for his effort to bring a city to the Argentine bands who were waiting so long to & # 39; w see.

José Palazzo in Asunción, the seventh continental headquarters of the festival
José Palazzo in Asunción, the seventh continental headquarters of the festival Credit: kindness of Nath Aguilar

"It was worth waiting," Skay told the audience after drawing up the most of the meeting with "Ji ji ji". Patricio Rey is one of the number that performed in Paraguay for the first time and the joy is really above and below the platform. In the trunk road, the musicians cross a path, together with a joke, take pictures with members of Paraguayan bands who are also part of the meeting, and the spirit of the festival which is already a registered trademark of Cosquín Rock to improve in Guarani land. Manu Chao is incorporated with Skay, while the guitarist band exchanges anecdote with the musicians of Ciro a Los Persas and Las Pelotas. Everything happens with a 50 inch TV set, paying attention to the controversial events that ended with the stopping of the Libertadores Copa final between the River and Boca. "There's a shame about security, Palazzo would have to organize the superclassic one," one of the Argentinean producers that fits with the festivals and, soon after , the Paraguayan producers reflected in the same direction: "Although the decline in football entertainment has been incorporated into that synergy of innovative, irresponsible police forces, bars, journalism, irresponsible policy, José Palazzo and meet this in Paragraph ", read on social networks.

Beyond the attention José Palazzo accepts is proud, the truth is that the producer has won the respect of his peers and the performance of the Argentine musicians for his experience and passion over a rock. Commitment he managed to pass through his festival. "In Latin America today the genre has become specialized, I do not tell you that it's something of a cult, but it's fine, electronic music is very much everywhere and urban music is huge , cumbia also. We aim to spread and show all the good things that rock still has, that's the most beautiful challenge. "

But this brand that sold Argentine rocks today across Latin America was not born with that objective. "First of all, the idea was to make a festival on the trip, which will take three years through the continent's cities as if it were a journey and that would be registered in 2020, in Cordoba, to celebrate the twenty years of the meeting. He liked so many in a number of countries that were asked to stay. "

Manu Chao, a distinguished visitor in Craig Cosquín Paraguay
Manu Chao, a distinguished visitor in Craig Cosquín Paraguay Credit: kindness of Nath Aguilar

– Argentina does not have a good reputation in the rest of Latin American countries, what do you think was the secret to seduce local producers with this proposal?

– They respect us and raise us many, but they do not love us so much. I think he has to do with the smell we got in a few minutes. I, from the inside, when I started, I received some of the abolished procedure sometimes from Buenos Aires and tried to avoid that type of traces. And the truth is that they first observe us, they measure us, but then they become very fond of us. The key to doing this is undoubtedly that we know how to listen to local producers and give us some issues we have had, such as incorporating other genres to the festival, something that is needed today to be sustainable.

Rojaijú Paraguay

The ninth international edition of Cosquín Rock held next year, was here in Asunción, but made an unexpected call to the plans to change. "Manu Chao came to South America on this date and we wanted to get it in the Cosquín grid for a long time, so we're putting everything on," said Palazzo. The French musician performed for the first time in this city and did that without a band, just with a guitar, with the difficult task of going on stage after Skay and his family " place a fire "to the location with a fiery rock. But Manu is organized more than alone. With experience as a street boom and charisma, the former Mano Negra hypnotized the almost 9,000 people (many of Argentina) with a cyclical rumba, with new songs and other classics of & # 39; in a repertoire, including "Mala vida", or a pre-group.

Pegadito came only to Ciro a Los Persas and Manu Chao followed a set of friends from the top of the stage, danced and stunned by the popularity of the group, which was similar to La Vela Puerca, and the Uruguayans who came to me ben of the festival, playing at home in Paraguay. After an intense journey year, the band led by Andrés Ciro sounds more and more oil and goes towards its last major goal of 2018: its first show at the Afon Stadium, on December 15.

Before the end of Uruguay's careers, this was the most bizarre festival of the festival, Las Pelotas, who took part in all the Cordoba and who also has the greatest presence in the international versions. Currently Germán Daffunchio and a company are a serious thing: with thick creams and existing poems, they successfully create a difficult and difficult climate to find & # 39; These days are wrong. Below, Argentina, Paraguayan and Uruguayan are traded by the rock to export Argentina.

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