Tuesday , August 9 2022

Copec, Shell and Petrobras were fined for defaults related to the payment of tips by "firemen" Economy


Labor Directorate (DT) fined Copec, Shell and Petrobras after completing an audit started at the end of 2018, after that, he found that, in a certain number of cases, these companies did not allow employees to be paid suggestions; among other infringements.

Of a total of 51 job centers examined, 27% reported irregularities of this kind, said El Mercurio.

Meanwhile, from the 14 infrared stations, 8 belong to Petrobras, 4 to Shell, while Copec and Esso were just one each, the paper said.

On the other hand, the total number of employees who benefited from the regulatory process was total 53063 of them were aliens.

As a result of the above, the DT broke the companies with a total of 178 UTM: more than $ 8.5 million.

Among the irregularities for which he was fined, the main one was not allowing the employee to receive his tip when he was paid by electronic means. Other irregularities were not providing proof of the front payment or not providing proof of credit card purchases, according to the above newspaper.

Finally, we also found that in some cases some employment contracts did not have the basic legal clauses.

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