Thursday , August 11 2022

Confirm fifth infection of Hannah virus in Maule Region


A new case of Hanta virus was recorded during the last weekend in Maule Region, after a 37-year-old was infected during the Vilches mountains, in the community of San Clemente.

The fifth case of infection borne by the long-layered mouse in Santiago was found by the Public Health Organization, after the results have been negative in a private clinic in Talca.

"He attacked his way in a very smooth way, and probably because of this, no sample of this virus was found in the first place and while still feeling the symptoms, the test confirmed by the Public Health Institute was once again, "said the Health Ceremony, Marlenne Durán.

With this confirmation five cases that have registered during 2019 in the Maule, almost double the last year in the region, when the number was infected three.

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