Monday , September 26 2022

Community pharmacies doubled drug purchase for 2019


Despite the death being created, community pharmacies will double their drug purchase by 2019, according to the procurement timescales made with the National Supply Center (Cenabast).

According to publication The Third, The There were 95 out of 148 stores around the country buying programs for 7.528 billion pesos, 123 per cent more than what was bought during this year, where 3,676 million pesos were spent.

Jaime Espina, head of Operations Department of Cenabast, said this "He must do with the amount of purchased products, rather than the number of pharmacies, as the number remained 95 between 2018 and 2019. "

According to the figures given by the agency, the property 642 kinds of products were requested, which is the most requested levothyroxine to treat the thyroid; pregabalin, for epilepsy; celecoxib to relieve rheumatoid arthritis pain, and losartan to treat blood pressure.

Pharmacists are among those who made the biggest purchases Y Recipe, from Maipú; Along with You, from Talca, and Vitabotica pharmacy, or Vitacura.

"This is evidence that the community pharmacy system is combined and confirmed, if I say that the average price is 10 times cheaper, it means, if I'm trading three billion , 30 billion patients do not do They spend and save, the same as the seven thousand of 2019, "said Espina.

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