Monday , August 15 2022

Colo Colo will try to confirm its good start in the National Championship against U. de Concepción


This Friday from 8:30 p.m. (23:30 p.m.), Colo Colo will receive Universidad de Concepción at Estadio Monumental for the second date of the 2019 National Championship.

The albums come to win by 3-1 in Spanish Union in a premiere that calmed all the criticisms of the team's game rising during the earlier period.

So, is that the team Mario Rooms want to continue on that path, as the coach at his conference told the press before this commitment on Friday. "There are 29 games behind and the big challenge is to maintain the level until the end ", he said.

Colo Colo can not count on the meeting with Jorge Valdivia and Esteban Paredes who are still in the process of recovering for their injuries, while Matias Zaldivia is recovered and is available to training staff for the commitment, therefore The title will be at the expense of Julio Barroso.

The albums will jump to the court with them Bryan Cortés; Oscar Opazo, Zaldivia, Juan Manuel Insaurralde, Ronald de La Fuente; Gabriel Suazo Esetban Pavez, Williams Alarcón; Gabriel Costa, Andres Vilches to Pablo Mouche.

University of Concepción, meanwhile, there was a less promising opening, as it was only equal 0-0 at home against Everton for the first date of the National Championship.

Your technician, Francisco Bozán, he / she knows that they should endeavor to have a good result for Macul, so he warned that "We have to face Colo Colo as the team that, although it has important losses. They are not spoiled and will never be, because of the level of players they have. "

Eleven is the most likely of the Campanile cast Cristián Muñoz; Luis Pedro Figueroa, Hans Martinez, Gustavo Mencia, Fernando Cordero; Josepmir Ballón, Alejandro Camargo, Hugo Droguett; José Huentelaf, Patricio Rubio and Guido Vadalá.

Roberto Tobar It will be responsible for putting justice in a duel that you can follow for the Virtual Marker and in the unexpected transfer of Outdoors in Cooperativa.

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