Tuesday , August 9 2022

Colo Colo U. de Concepción heard that he returned to celebrate in the Monumental after almost six months


This Friday Colo Colo It ended with running bad 181 days without celebrating at the Monumental Stadium. The table was measured with University of Concepción, despite successfully opposing the local proposal for most of the meeting, it ended up to suffer and 1-0 for playing balls.

Last album of the album was on August 25, when they beat 1-0 University of Chile in the Superclassic. And now, the popular team managed to overcome a bad record of four losses that drew two ahead of a Campanile painting, which recently became his "black animal". In fact, last year fell on two wheels before the penquistas.

And to return to achieve in front of his fans in Pedreros, a team of Mario Salas He had to call a lot. Only at the end of the commitment, in 85, the local people lost their level thanks to a heading of Javier Parraguez, after the competitor behind no response after a corner kick.

Highlight that the initial team this Friday is the same as the last week's victory over Unión Española. As the previous occasion, Parraguez went to court by Andrés Vilches, though now at the last half hour (63 & 39).

The game process was fairly even, especially in the first and went to rest with the score empty. Meanwhile, in the supply the game continued narrowly and even, after the bull's eye, the penquistas were close to its equal.

With this result, the Colo Colo won its second consecutive win to overwrite, for now, the distribution of the tournament. His next competitor will be Curicó United, and will be visiting La Granja on Sunday, March 3.

In the meantime, the U U penquista has one unit and has been located at twelve. Her next challenge will be against Deportes Antofagasta at the date of confirmation.

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