Saturday , January 23 2021

Colo Colo in trouble by Jorquera

The Italian press set for him and was translated. And it could become a "scandal per week", because the Europeans said that Colo Colo had come into a trout trim when Cristóbal Jorquera sold.

Everything would have happened in 2011, when the Cacique, chaired by Hernaán Levy, gave the wheel in the amount of 850,000 dollars to Genoa. Transaction detailed in the balance Black and White did at that time, and that was spread among its shareholders.

However, this version contrasts with what gave the "tanks" at the time, as they, on a firm basis, claim that they are buying the existing consolidation of Palestine for another entity and for a much higher price.

According to the papers they have shown to make their economic balances more transparent, as they face a serious financial crisis, which is being investigated, Cristóbal came to them after capturing Donald Trump's three million dollars. And the worst thing is that they did not extend the check to the Albanian dealer, they did on behalf of Switzerland Lugano Football Club.

Something that increased the suspicions, because this entity would also be from the businessman Enrico Preziosi, and with the Popular Popular was tied by Jorquera's formation rights.

Yes, do you think or not, Chile's limited company went into legal conflicts with the Helvetica in 2015, because they did not get the money that corresponds to maintaining the payment down.

Of course, the research not only points to Jorquera and Colo Colo, there is more yarn in this story. For now, there are no clear or official versions.

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