Thursday , May 19 2022

Colo Colo has already set a deadline to hire the new trainer and there is also a likely date for the first time


The Cacique wants to have the DT ready for the maximum of December 20th, when the black and white white board meeting is held during the year. And premiere Home with Everton, Wanderers and UC in Viña from January 15.

Colo Colo is already looking for his new trainer after the release of Héctor Tapia's departure after this Sunday, an occasion where the Cacique will face U. de Conce for the final date of the National Championship.

But when are the training staff coming in to expect? "The ideal time limits are that we have new training staff before the end of the year. There are friends in January, pre-time, start playing in mid-February. For a period of conversion, new training staff should be hired this year, "says president Black and White, GRuiz-Tagle open.

In particular, in the concession expecting it generally on the 20th of December, that the final board meeting of the year will be held jointly to co-ordinate what is coming, such as consolidation, pre-time and friendly.

And premiere January 15 is very likely to be a quadrangular framework I'll argue in Viña del Mar, where Colo Colo will be present along with Wanderers, Everton and UC. This "mini tournament" would be set up by FOX Sports and DirecTV.

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