Sunday , June 26 2022

Clubs will review the ANFP scheme on Thursday after the sale of the CDF sales


It is already a starting date for Turner as the new owner of Canal del Fútbol (CDF). On January 17, 2019 will start the South America Division which will be broadcast live on the channel and will also be hosting a company. But first the purchase must be settled completely.

In this process, the parties are currently working. And while this is expected to happen this week, experts in the negotiations ensured that the meetings have not yet been held, but this will not happen beyond next week.

Release of the documents for approval of the sales by the Office of the National Economic Prosecutor (FNE) is also underway. However, this file is already in the hands of the parties, which reviews confidentiality-related aspects.

In parallel, in the next few days, the meeting between Turner and ANFP will be completed to define the latest contractual aspects.

But this Thursday is the day of certainty for the world of football. There will be 32 first division clubs, the second B and the second department meet in the council of the presidents with the National Association of Professional Soccer (ANFP) to tackle three points on the purchase, explaining a source close to it.

First, define the next steps to follow, in the financial and accounting areas; where ANFP will sign up to the clubs, as it has changed the financial form of those involved.

Secondly, the sums that each club receives, as the initial bonus amount measured at $ 3.1 million should be updated at the end of last year, but with another type of change and, as well, in UF.

Finally, the information the ANFP also reveals to the clubs will be paid how the monthly money that is committed to the transaction will be paid. These funds will be, given the new ANFP structure – which aims to be more rigid in relation to financial control – subject to compliance with salaries and other payments.

The Turner is changing

The changes that Turner, a company left with local football transfer rights, are still unknown in detail, knowing that the operation indicates that one of the first measures will be expanding & # 39 ; r channels, so that more than two games can be broadcast instantly, so that will enable more signals.

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