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Chronology: How Camilo Catrillanca died with the resignation of Luis Mayol


One week after the death of the Mapuche comunero Camilo Catrillanca In the community of Temucuicui, La Araucanía's mayor was forced to resign after approval The initial versions of Carabineros at this event, those who came back a little back in the light of the predecessors known in the past days.

After reporting on the shooting of the young comunero, on Wednesday, November 14, the first version of the event was broadcast by the mayor of La Araucanía, Luis Mayol, subscribes the police version in relation to the fact that the surgery starts on three-vehicle robbery in Ercilla and that the deceased was "a part of the" assault, as well as saying that Catrillanca had a criminal record.

In addition, this version maintained that the young man died at the center of the exchanges between the attackers and personnel of the Tactical Group of Carabiners – known as "Jungle Management" – and that the origin of the mortal bullet was unknown.

Family dismisses official version

Immediately dismiss the victim's family of the official version and the lawyer Karina Riquelme He said that the member of the community "came to work on a tractor when he came across the Jungle Order, and he shot him with no disorder."

After this it will be crucial Evidence of the 15-year-old who was going with Catrillanca at the moment was shot in the head.

According to the story, that the National Institute of Human Rights (INDH) is known in the first place., the four carabineros reached the place a number of shots in the air and then the tractor itself, one of which was received in the head.

It should be noted that the police had arrested the teenage age for their alleged contribution in the carriage of vehicles, but the Collipulli Court said the prison was illegal on Thursday, November 15.

The young man also said he had been tortured during his prisoner, that is why the white INDH announced.

Carabineros ensured that there were no recordings

The officers involved in this action reported on Friday, November 16, due to the urgency of the events they did not succeed in using GoPro cameras with them recording the various procedures, however the young person ensured in his statement that one of the police officers took his camera.

In addition, the young man said on Saturday, November 17, although he was detained in police force, the officer who accused the author of the deadly shot reminded him of the camera he used.

In addition, due to the recordings made by police officers who arrived shortly after the shoot, one of the Carabinieri was found to have set their camera, so the Prosecutor's Office called them to declare the same day again.

Destroying evidence

The next day, Sunday, November 18, the Government confirmed that the officers in question had ceased and had also destroyed the memory It included images that an institutional camera was captured during the operation.

"It was proven that one of the members of the patrol GOPE who arrived at the events where the young Catrillanca died, who originally said he did not have a surveillance camera, had one," said Interior Minister Andrés Chadwick on occasion.

"The surveillance camera, which at the time rejected, and more seriously, had lost the memory card of that surveillance camera, that we would not tolerate," added the Secretary of State after discovering the fraud.

This led to the dismissal of the four officers involved and the resignation of head of command and security in the La Araucanía area, general Mauro Victtoriano, and the perfect colonel of La Araucanía Special Forces, Iván Contreras, for his command responsibilities.

In the political field, since the event took place, opposition parties have claimed political responsibilities: on Tuesday, November 20, he issued an accompaniment to the Chadwick Minister and constitutional allegation against Mayol, which is last He left the office charging for "political resistance" on behalf of the opposition.

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