Thursday , August 18 2022

Christmas comes and they will launch this strange fashion for the barf


A man's beard is now the focus of the attention, before Christmas Eve. The sale of this innovative accessory has already started.

Light and red colors and lights take over in every aspect of December. Is the Christmas spirit feeling in the air at the end of the year, and begins with the assembly of the traditional tree, which has completely decorated and has no home, and arrives at the barber of men.

Now, they started promoting a new fashion so that the Christmas climate is more complete. In this case, it is for men who are usually great barber. What is proposed is that lights are shining.

"The seasonal decorations for your beautiful mustaches have been a long desire and Santa seems to have given you some wishes. Without doubt, it will also take the lights for it barber", Says this new promoter says.

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