Friday , February 26 2021

Chileans spend an average of 81,000 pesos a month on the purchases of Economy supermarkets

One study analyzed how much money Chileans spend in different areas each month, revealing that almost five of the budget is spent on supermarkets purchases.

The Third explained, according to the VIII VIII Family Budget Survey, 18.7% of monthly expenses correspond to non-alcoholic foods and drinks.

According to Fintonic, who controls the administration of resources, The average intended for supermarkets is $ 81,000 and me, with a frequency of 4.3 trips in the same period.

In that sense, the average number of purchases reaches $ 18,000.

In detail, they added that The payment method is mainly the debit card, with an average payment of $ 17,000. In the meantime, the credit has an average of $ 26,000.

Those who spend more, according to the study, are those aged 45 to 54, with an average of $ 180,000, aged 25 and over, reach $ 38,000.

In terms of the most casual chains, Líder and Santa Isabel share the first place, with a purchase frequency of 2.3 times, then, Jumbo with 2.2.

Meanwhile, Leader leads the average purchase price with $ 61,000, and then Jumbo, with $ 54,000.

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