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cheap and accessible to everyone

By entering Google the words "carbohydrates" the preliminary text offers to complete the phrase "fat". In this way, the internet giant algorithm offers us one of the most searched by the Spanish, an example of There is a bad concept that society has about these biomolecules.

Negative thinking about all carbohydrates is common, but the reality is that this absolute view is not correct since "high quality ones are very good"explains Miguel Ángel Martínez-González, Professor of Preventative Medicine at the University of Navarra, in EL SPANISH, the same can not be said about others and it is even possible to determine the detrimentality of health among the wide range of carbohydrates. Existing already

"You have to talk about the quality of each carbohydrate," said the teacher. Therefore, the most recommended are solids, with a lot of fiber, inherent and unfinished, such as those of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and pulses.

In fact, higher quality carbohydrate suggests a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, According to the SUN Project (Navarra Follow-up University) published in the magazine Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular.

This study, whose chief researcher at Martínez-González, shows that people who have taken high quality carbohydrates are introduced risk of 56% lower from suffering from myocardial diseases, cerebrovascular accidents or cardiovascular deaths, compared to those who ate lower quality hydrates. To conduct the research, 17,424 middle-aged Spanish volunteers were followed for a 10 year mean.

Most harmful carbohydrates

For the teacher, the worst carbohydrates are those that contain soft drinks because "since sugars have been abolished they go directly to the blood and that increases & the need for insulin. "

It also explains that our brains interpret sugar drinks as if they were water and we do not have a full feeling. So, despite being calorie-hearted, our body does not feel and it's still hungry.

"In thin people who do a lot of sports there is no big problem, however, in the case of most people, it is not recommended," it's clear while remembering that much of the population is too heavy and obese in our country. Truly, Spain is the second country in Europe with more obese, according to a study published in the magazine And Lancet.

It also states that "the cookies are very bad ". "They have refined low quality carbohydrate flour, as well as sugars and extra fat." For the same reason it is said that the industrial bakery is a food that needs to be avoided.

With regard to pasta and rice, that does depending on its kind and the way to eat. Therefore, the main problem is what accompanies meals of these foods that are rich in carbohydrates. "If vegetables bring them, it would be good food", but if it is not recommended to have a fried tomato sauce (which contains a lot of sugar), it's explain the teacher.

In the same way, it indicates the importance of cooking pasta to the tooth "When it's cooked too low, it has a high glycemic index and it is not recommended". Although it emphasizes the need to eat wholemeal pasta, as it is a healthier carbohydrate.

In particular, an accurate way of using carbohydrates can help you not lose four years of life.

A Spanish practice that needs to be changed

There is no more in Spanish than eating with bread. Pushing, wetting or breaking while waiting for food is part of the tradition of our homes. But to the doctor eating white bread is a habit that needs to be changed.

"Eat with them whole grain bread rather than with white bread there is a very simple change that can be done in the diet and that's very beneficial ".

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