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Change these foods for healthy ones | Y PRIF


SAccording to recent research by the World Health Organization, almost half the population of all Latin American and Caribbean countries has overweight.

In Colombia, the figures are not very encouraging because more than half the population is higher than its ideal weight and the main cause lies in an unhealthy way of life.

Due to the rapid increase in the use of foods prepared outside the home and the growth of fast food, adaptations were made to the eating habits of each home.

For this reason, Danielle Bonner, who specializes in nutrition, states: "It's very important to know how to handle the dose of food and desserts, above all, can give new foods who do not make a nutritional contribution to the diet, for more people to complete. "The key to everything is how much we eat and quality.

Fruit juice for whole fruit (fiber, vitamins and minerals).

White bread for multigrain bread (fiber, zinc).

White rice for whole or wild rice (fiber, zinc).

Try to use crude olive oil (good fat, antioxidants).

Potatoes and junk foods for vegetables (vitamins, minerals and antioxidants), nuts and almonds (good fat, proteins).

Potatoes have been boiled for broken potatoes (fiber and antioxidants).

Fried foods for baked or roasted foods.

Animal protein through vegetable protein: beans, roast, beans, chickpea (fiber, iron, protein).

Red meats (avoid eating daily) for white meats such as fish, tuna, chicken, salmon (good fat).

Water taste, natural water, lemon water, eat without sugar.

– White sugar for the selection of non-caloric vanilla or sweeteners.

– Ice cream and cakes for fruit (vitamins, minerals and antioxidants).

– White flour by almon flour (omega 6 or good fat, protein).

– Nuts butter cream with natural or sugar nuts butter (protein and omega 6).

– White chocolate or chocolate milk with dark sugar chocolate (antioxidants).

– Cocoa powder chocolate powder (antioxidants).

Says Dr. Bonner has to remember that all overlaps are harmful.

"There's really no really bad food, just knowing how much we need to use and some, ideally, are not eaten every day to find a balance." Similarly, healthy diets should be supplemented with daily and consistent exercise to balance the level of triglycerides in the blood.

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