Monday , January 25 2021

Challengers need to apply for a new rate immediately

Subsecretary, Pamela Gidi, called on every company to join the new collection as soon as possible, without awaiting the decision of the Manager.

The historic reduction in the rate of entry charge – the charge made by one company due to the access to a network call – has left part of the industry satisfied. We mentioned WOM, Claro and VTR, which welcomed the 80% reduction ($ 1.8 per minute) with aplause.

This would not be true for Entel and Movistar entel, who did not expect such a low pay. For both companies, which offered an average 35% discount, it was not good news, which led to a discussion: when will the new rate have to apply to companies?

This morning, the subscriber, Pamela Gidi, explained that the decree for the new mobile access costs of the mobile companies will come into force once the Manager is taking the reason, although she has also applied for mobile companies to transfer & # 39 ; This benefit as soon as possible. for consumers to produce better and more telecoms services. Sources near the tariff process explain that it will be mandatory in April and May, which leaves halo of uncertainty.

Director of Strategy, Regulation and Public Affairs Movistar Chile, Fernando Saiz, added to the words of the sender saying "we invite those companies that use other operator networks to handle their voice traffic, such as VTR and WOM" To apply immediately the pay. The telephone company was based on Madrid, as all the companies in the industry implemented the new decree, Movistar is added. Otherwise, it will wait until the decision is made, in the interests of the users, to avoid uncertainty for fixed phone customers who call mobile phones.

He stated, on the other hand, the will to apply for the new charge immediately, despite being one of the companies opposing the deep fall. For a possible process before the Office of the General Manager, he explained that they still did not know the exact details of the new decree as if they were to come to those cases. In terms of the gap between WOM and VTR, the national signature was crucial, as these two actors did not think they were available to apply the new tariff.

However, the remaining companies are celebrating the measure taken by the Ball. The Director of Regulation and Corporate Affairs WOM, Felipe Simonsohn, highlighted the choice of technology, to maintain 4G as the adequate technical network to raise the efficient business model. This is in line with VTR, where the Vice President of Legal and Corporate Affairs, Miguel Oyonarte, argued that this is an efficient and non-efficient payment that benefits consumers with lower prices, as it allows market more competitive. "We believe that this is the right way to continue to level the playing field in the industry," he added.

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