Sunday , August 14 2022

César Campos denies discrimination with his girlfriend in a famous store


What would be a nice day, which ended in sadness for Caesar Campos. The former CHV journalist, and program animator, as well as "Manos al fuego" and "Sabingo", are accused of having lived in a case of discrimination in a well-known multi-store.

This was identified by the communicator himself in his social networks. "What could have been a beautiful moment in inscribing our wedding in Falabella, it became an uncomfortable, offensive and bad time for us to spend with Diego Barrios. Falabella I need to contact the r t [email protected] of lovers to give an account ", says César Campos on Twitter.

The old CHV was more accurate on Instagram. There he published an extensive statement where he gave a description of what happened when he entered the shop's wedding catalog for his next civil union agreement with Diego Barrios.

And, he said, the woman who attended from the beginning made fun of her girlfriend. He explained the bad plans and even laughed at them.

"We're going to start with the love," said the employee, by subscribing César Campos data. That already seemed strange, but they let it go.

"Now we're going with the love," he said later, looking at Diego, and provoking the bad moment to the couple.

“I do so that no one else has to go through a situation like this ever and for the company to respond adequately to the performance of its employees, we all deserve to be treated with respect, with equality. and without discrimination of any kind! @diegobarrioszep I want you to know that I will always protect you and look after you until the last of my days, "said the communicator.

Multi-store response after discrimination

After the complaint about discrimination in social networks, the shop responded to César Campos. "Caesar, we apologize for the bad time, we will investigate what happened and we will contact you privately," they said.

Recall that the journalist left the CHV last year after hosting places such as "Spies of Love", "Sabingo" and "Hands on Fire".

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