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Cell cells are an option to treat more than 115 degenerative diseases


In an interview with Efe, Dr. Miguel Ramírez García, the medical co-ordinator of the biotechnology company specializing in Celltex cellular therapy, shows that these new therapies allow tissue repair, restoration and restoration.

"This is because of the ability to multiply and lead to specialist cells that, in turn, create other body tissues," explained after a press conference where these therapies were explained.

He explained that these therapies are based on the abstraction of cell cells of abdominal fat cells, and then those who work depend on the disease are selected and in a laboratory they multiply.

After that, they are returned to the patient through a process that is similar to a blood transfusion and allowed to make the effect, which can take between two days and two weeks or a bit more.

He said these types of treatments were successful in treating diseases such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid and lupus arthritis.

In addition to other conditions such as critical ischemia of extremes and cardiovascular conditions and peripheral vascular diseases.

He explained that these therapies should go hand in hand with conventional treatments, so it is not recommended that patients leave these.

Mexico, the country of origin in these treatments, which is not only effective in treating these diseases, but also in sports injuries.

In this regard, Anthony Dorsett, Dallas Cowboys quarterback gave his evidence about these treatments, he said, "very useful for a more normal life."

Dorsett, who has been dedicated to helping former players to handle a sleeping apnea, recalls that he is diagnosed with chronic traumatic escephalopathy, a degenerative brain disease that lost its memory in 2013.

After turning to different treatments, the ex-star of American football came to treatment with mesnenquimal cells, applied in a clinic in Cancun, Mexico, which has helped to significantly improve their quality of life.

One of the great advantages of these therapies, Dr Ramírez García, said the cell cells that the patient does not produce side effects.

He explained that although cell cells could be removed from any person at any age, ideally you can get from newborn children or before the age of five, because in that period there is a greater proportion of brown fat (body fat ). ) and that's where you can find more basic cells.

He claimed that, although it was a relatively expensive treatment (only $ 4,500 for the extraction and storage process), the benefits obtained were offsetting that cost.

"We can remember therapies for chronic, degenerate, unpleasant and unpredictable diseases, and with this treatment, the sequence of the disease is stopped and a better quality of life is provided to & # 39; r patient, "stressed.

He explained that around 4,500 patients in the last six years had been treated in Mexico and the United States and, on average, their quality of life has improved by 80%.

During the press conference, the company's strategic alliance CryoHoldco, who specializes in cell therapy, has been announced with the main private cell cell banks in Mexico to be able to offer this therapy to more people in the country.

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