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Cause of Catrillanca: Prosecutor dismisses photos against police


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From 09:00 this Friday, in the Collipulli Warranty Court, it will be formalized Four carabineros at the death of Camilo Catrillanca.

The arrest warrant was subsequently issued prosecutor of the case, Cristián Paredes, confirms the receipt of a ballistic survey carried out by Investigating Police (PDI) personnel. In addition, he ensured they already had "the definitive results of the investigation".

The last

18:11 | At 7:00 PM the magistrate Sanda Nahuelcura announces precautionary measures for the accused.

18:00 | The Presiding Officer Sebastián Piñera He referred to the formal hearing about the death of Camilo Catrillanca: "We support the Office of the Prosecutor's actions, we believe Carabineros play a fundamental role in citizen security, and I appreciate that and I appreciate that, but with one police we say we condemn and we will not tolerate any action outside the law "he says.

17:51 | "What can be seen from the sky is sparkling and moving objects that seem like vehicles, but it seems that people are not </ p> <p> That height, 700 meters, gives some detail to those specified ", prosecutor Roberto Garrido said on the helicopter pilot's statement.

17:38 | Defender Alexander Scheneider emphasizes the possibility of a murder charge at the death of Camilo Catrillanca: "We may reach an accident, I do not invent it myself, I just say statements of officials", he assured.

17:15 | "At least 45 minutes after Mr Catrillanca died, it was felt that", said Sebastián Saavedra, prosecutor and minor representative who was in the company of Camilo Catrillanca.

17:11 | "The frustrated homicide has participation in the four complex things", marks the legal representative of the National Institute of Human Rights (INDH). From the Ombudsman's Office also requires a precautionary measure of preventative prevention to the accused.

17:03 | "If I have a m4 rifle and I'll shoot it against a person, I can not know that I do not attack his life", secured the prosecutor.

5:00 PM | After an hour and a half the break, resume and the audience. The prosecutor takes the floor Jorge Calderaza.

15:32 | The defendant ensures that the two carabineros could respond to an assault, as the helicopter pilot who took part in the operation said: "We ask for less intensive precautionary measures in terms of both, in this case it could be an overnight house arrest"he explained.

15:16 | "It is impossible for my representatives to have a barrier to justice to be released ", the defendant assured.

15:01 | "The cell driver said the defendants said he was beginning to hit and listen to how the bullets hit the body of the vehicle"said the defense lawyer.

14:57 | "The Office of the Prosecutor has not submitted a ballistic report or a history or coincidence"The lawyer said to defend the conflict version, the four soldiers repeatedly attacked him." We will want to establish that they are assaulted and covered. "

14:44 | Alexander Schneider, old lifter defender, ensures that they did not cover the death of Camilo Catrillanca.

14:35 | "The project direction is back and forth, a bit from the bottom to the top, it's a direct effect," Saavedra said.

14:34 | Saavedra Solicitor: Mr (Carlos) Alarcón, in his last statement, shows that he sees the tractor's face at the time of shooting and ensures that he sees a mustache.

14:32 | Family lawyer of the girl who came with Catrillanca, Sebastián Saavedra, recalls the deaths of Alex Lemún, Jaime Mendoza Collío and Matías Catrileo.

14:09 | Nelson Miranda, Catrillanca family lawyer, explains that the minor witness was the only one who told the truth. "

14:06 | Office Solicitor and Ombudsman, Juan Pavez Farias, states that the person who is accused of freedom is a danger to the security of the minor that accompanies Camilo Catrillanca.

13:42 | Y lawyer of the Human Rights Foundation, Gloria Painemilla, asks the detainee to prevent the preventative and refer to the security of the investigation.

13:38 | Interior Ministry Solicitor: It is unacceptable that carabineros "hide evidence, omit circumstances and that does make it increase ".

13:33 | The formalization of the four pre-uniform soldiers is restarted.

13:04 | The Judge decides a 15 minute break for screaming inside the room.

13:03 | They cut across a formalization hearing through a group of people who were so public inside the room.

13:01 | "Here is a arrow that destroys the head of the young man in practice", said the lawyer representing the Interior Interior, and revealing the previous conflict version.

12:57 | Lawyer Luis Hermosilla, representative of the Ministry of Interior, requires preventative detention for the four former officers of Carabineros.

12:55 | The Garrido Prosecutor states that the accused is a danger to society's security. "They have shown that their freedom is dangerous to the security of the investigation."

12:49 | "It is clear that there are morals (on the part of the old lifestyle) from the beginning and the investigation"said Calderara prosecutor.

12:40 | The prosecutor reads the claim Ávila, who explained that he did not have the memory card at the time of the procedure in his GoPro, the one that was destroyed and later released by the bathroom.

12:34 | Calderara reads statements of prisoners, who ensured they did not carry cameras at the time of treatment.

12:31 | Y Finance Jorge Calderara explains that the Carabineros section indicated that Catrillanca and his companion would have crossed the fire line. "This is not a true part of the police force"

12:22 | Y Roberto Garrido financial explains that the attacks against the officers had begun one hour after the death of Catrillanca, when the site and event were protected.

12:15 | The Office of the Prosecutor states that "there is no report after having firearms attacks, there is no reason to justify the use of firearms."

12:11 | Roberto Garrido's prosecutor shows a video brought by officers who came after the pre-lifting defendants. In the video, Raúl Ávila, who is carrying a GoPro camera on his helmet.
Check the HERE video.

12:06 | The complainant repeats that "the victim had a direct impact on his / her head"and more than one shot was made.

12:01 | One of the tests is shown, the type of bullet that killed Camilo Catrillanca. "The shoot received by Mr Camilo Catrillanca is a direct impact," said the complainant's lawyer.

11:59 | The family of Camilo Catrillanca decides not to leave the courtroom after warning sensitive images made by the Public Ministry and the judge of the case.

11:56 | The Ministry of Public asks preventative prevention for the four accused in the case. In addition, the photos and videos of the area where the death of the ordinary occurred will be displayed. Families are advised that these are sensitive records.

11:54 | Walls accused Raúl Ávila accused of causing "serious damage to the public case" by hiding and then destroying the memory card o GoPro camera.

11:50 | Y The existence of the blows that the accused said they had "rejected false statements", says Paredes prosecutor.

11:48 | The prosecutor confirms that The shot that killed Catrillanca was hit by Carlos Alarcón Molina.

11:47 | Financial walls: Ávila Morales and Alarcón Molina, "without any circumstances and actions that are justified "their weapons were used to shoot on several occasions to the direction of the tractor where Camilo Catrillanca was moving.

11:46 | Y Cristián Paredes Financial notes that the officers have taken part in the operation following the complaint about theft of three vehicles. "In addition to the service tools, the GoPro camera had installed the helmet of Raúl Ávila Morales".

11:43 | The Judge confirms that the retention of the four uniforms is legally and continues with the formalization.

11:30 | Camilo Catrillanca's family members are inside the formal hearing room.

11:18 | A defense lawyer requires the statement to be illegal of the four former Carabineros officers.

11:16 | Formal hearing of the previous four carabinieri arrested for death Camilo Catrillanca.

10:17 | Family of Camilo Cartrillanca and members of the community are hoping to formalize the four who were arrested for the death of the member of the community.

09:50 | A break for 1 hour 15 minutes will be refused.

09:46 | The Judge explains that the pre-uniform have been accused of the following offenses:

  • Patricio Sepúlveda Muñoz: Preventing justice
  • Carlos Alarcón Molina: Homicide and obstruction of justice
  • Braulio Valenzuela Aránguiz: Preventing justice
  • Raúl Ávila Morales: Homicide, a barrier to justice and destroying evidence

09:38 | Tad Camilo Catrillanca said "that they are worried about this defense by the police, we are being protected in the region, we do not want to be in this situation."

What we know

The comunero mapuche came off on November 14 after receiving a bullet in the head after Carabineros started surgery after receiving a Anonymous report about theft of vehicles in Temucuicui.

In the first version, the uniforms ensured that there were no audio-visual records of what happened because they did not have time to install GoPro cameras. However, after that it was known One of them destroyed the memory card because, probably, it included dangerous images with a partner.

Chadwick Minister explained that uniform will be formalized by kill, seek murder, destroy evidence and obstruct justice.

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