Friday , August 19 2022

Cathy Barriga receives an apology from Dr. Cordero will never happen again " t


Mayor Mayor Cathy Barriga accepted the apologies offered by María Luisa Cordero for saying that in October 2019 she had "hysterical features" which are "extreme theatrical, great sensitivity to criticism and infantilism because of everything they get angry," she said. they're doing, they're upset. "

This diagnosis, due to the perceived embarrassment of Barriga for failing to take part in an official photograph in La Moneda, came to an end with a community authority complaint.

Finally, Dr. T Cordero apologizes for his statements, revealed by Barriga on his Instagram.

"Today we receive apologies from Mrs María Luisa Cordero, understanding that it will never happen again, not with me or with other people, respect is right for everyone," he said.

Cordero's public apology shows "I hope you forgive me and let me know that I hold her highly respected for her professional work as a girl on top of one of the largest municipalities." in the country."

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