Wednesday , September 28 2022

Catalina Vallejos came face to face with a young man who resumed her identity for five years Society


Friday here a new episode of Close-up, where the panelist is Catalina Vallejos He talked about the difficult situation that he faced five years ago.

This is because the influenza's identity has supplanted in social networks by Viviana Cuitiño, who used the name & model i cheating a fall in love for different men from the world of entertainment.

This was reported by Vallejos, who said that the woman was he got his victims or "sell" specific products to keep the money. This would have caused several problems to Catalina, who he must have assumed the war of the affected people.

However, when he could no longer include the insults he received through Instagram, the communicator He traveled to Los Angeles to face Viviana and know the reason for the reflection.

Once he met the wife, he stated that there were not many "just a few" people he never wanted to leave him badly.

He also appeared in space and made a public apology to Vallejos, expressing that he had never had a "dimensional" condor that was associated with her. "It was a game that came out of hand", he did.

Look at the moment face to face here.

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