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Carolina de Moras explained why she did not appear when she called on stage – 2018 Telethon – 24 hours


Carolina de Moras explained why she did not appear when she was called on stage

The interviewer stopped the speculation and said "there was confusion." TVN


Carolina de Moras became a trend national in social networks, after Don Francisco called unsuccessful on several occasions when transmitting the Telethon in full.

After the sailor did not appear on stage, Cristián Sánchez tried Martín Cárcamo to get rid of himHowever, people already commented on its disappearance.

The sailor wished to answer this Sunday, to try to explain the matter and the quotes on the subject will be finished.

"I think there is confusion, that they did not warn that I left. I was with toddlers and they were very hard, very sleepy. When I was already in the car, they told me that Don Francisco was calling me. I believe they did not tell him, "he told Glamorama.

He added: "I did not tell everyone, nor did I tell a lot of fun in person, because there were so many people in the back. I warn people of the Telethon and the people on the floor and I told them a lot of fun … I believe that there is confusion and they did not tell the people that were above the following (on stage) ".

The runner came to an end by saying: "I came to house to feed the children, to put pyjamas and they did not have the best character either." They had been with me for five o'clock and had them tiwt frightened … I had also treated me, I had spent the night in the Telethon, I did not sleep at all and I fell … This morning, I knew about Twitter and I did not understand anything. "


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