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Carola de Moras explains the true "disappearance" of the National Glamorama


Author: Cristián Farías Ravanal / December 2, 2018

Carola de Moras says Glamorama Last night, he was in his car with a girl and two young nephew, very tired going home, when friends and neighbors started to send messages.

Don Francisco was called from the stage at the National Stadium, in front of tens of thousands of people and on television.

No answer was received from Mario Kreuztzberger. Only Critián Sánchez told him, also on the air, that Carolina was not there because she had a problem.

The episode came immediately on Twitter. The name of the driver rose to the top of the "trendy topic" of the social network and a tone of crazy theories came out to what happened with De Moras.

Today, all Carolina came to discover this and explains that he must have been confusing. He says there was no problem with nothing.

He says he had spent the night in the Telethon and, since then, he had been walking with a girl and two little girls since yesterday. They did everything he was asked last night in the National, and after embracing the animators he warned all the people who were equivalent to him to retire with the children who gave him no more.

Make sure there was no drama and that everything was very good. He must have been "confusing". In the heat that carries a transfer like last night, Don Francisco may not have been warned not to submit Carolina. Here are words:

What happened last night in the National?

Carolina de Moras: "I think there is confusion, they did not warn that I left. I walked with little children and they were very good, very sleepy. When I was already in the car, they told me that Don Francisco was calling me. I believe they did not tell him. "

Was he warning he was pulling back from the National? Did you say goodbye?

"I did not tell everyone, nor tell beautiful people, as there were so many people in the back. But of course I told the people the Telethon and the people who were on the floor and I said a great deal to them They … I think there is confusion and they did not tell the people who were on the stairs (on the stage) from lower. "

What did you think about the tone of comments and theories that came to Twitter on Twitter after the episode?

"I came home to feed the children, to put pyjamas, and they did not have the best character either (laugh). They had been with me for five bells and they had a scary duck.

"I had also treated me, I had spent the night in the Telethon, I did not sleep at all and I'll fall … This morning I discovered about Twitter and not I understood anything (laughing) ".

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