Friday , September 30 2022

Carabinero who shot at Catrillanca recognizes that they were not attacked on the National tractor


The policeman investigated as a alleged offender the shot that killed Camilo Catrillanca, y And Sergeant Carlos Alarcón, who was declared near the office and prosecutor that the carabineros were not attacked on the tractor where the late leader of Mapuche was traveling: "The people on the tractor did not shoot us", La Tercera revealed.

The officer was part of the group of four charabiners who took part in the operation, who claimed that, although they were not attacked on the vehicle Catrillanca died, he still "we heard pictures referred to us (…) we could not see who was fired, so we fired towards a safe, front and side area, to continue to move on. "

There is a prosecution investigation in a file that already reaches 400 pages, with more than 40 statements of witnesses and defendants. In this one the evidence of another officer who arrived after the first group of carabineros, the one who is Shots thrown at the time of the Communero's death: "Although the driver makes the movements to leave the place, they start shaping us, without knowing where they were fired. I'll remember that that's the moment they started shooting us. Before this moment, I did not notice that we had received any shots"

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