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Capital Magazine | Twenty-two years that happened for the first time in 2018

1) NASA space space was launched whose name honors a scientist in life for the first time.

Solar Parker's space trip, the first NASA spacecraft named after a person who was still living, was launched in August. The name and name of the astrophysicist Eugene Parker, the first to describe the sun's wind in 1958. This hope, and also expected to set a record as the fastest spacecraft, is the object made by a man which has been closer to the Sun

2) A painting captures an historical price for a lively African-American artist.

The painting Times Past Kerry James Marshall placed a record as the highest price ever paid for a painting by an African-American live artist, as he sold at 21.1 million dollars, according to the Sotheby auction house. Buyer of the pastoral theme of 1997, which shows two black men in their leisure time, was the old "Diddy" Combs mogul music. The seller, the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority, located in Chicago, had bought the work for $ 25,000.

3) Apple becomes the first company to reach the value of one trillion dollars.

Apple was the first listed company on the stock market to reach market value more than three million dollars in August, followed by Amazon, which reached that mark only a month later. The rise of these extremely well-known companies known as extremely helpful has long-term fuel from economic growth in the US, but it could also have contributed to middle class correction and the increase in income inequality, says experts .

4) A new type of human adaptation

Researchers have reported a new type of human adaptation, to the sea. According to the Cell magazine, members of an ethnic group called Bajadi, who traditionally live in houseboats or capitalists in the Southeast Asian villages, have developed to become better diversifiers. The researchers' findings reveal that the Bajadi – one that is related to diving or other occupation – receives 50% gown more than those that are # 39 ; n live 24 kilometers of the sea, on the mainland. Studies have shown that larger batteries can support marine animals to eat more deeply.

5) Korea unified, at least on ice

Women who are part of the North Korea and South Korea ice hockey team compete as a single team in the thirty third edition of the Winter Olympics in Pieonchang. This is the first time for both countries to participate in a united Olympic team. He lost the team in his first game, against Switzerland. However, South Korea won a total of eighteen medals in the games, including five gold medals.

6) The first museum of sausages & # 39; opens its doors

Two exflorists opened what they call the first museum dedicated to the sausage dogs. Dackelmuseum, located in Mafaria, Germany, shows cans stamps, dog shaped bread, porcelain sculptures, printed material and other items dedicated to dachshund, one of the oldest dog breeds in Germany.

7) The first death of pedestrians caused by autonomous vehicle

An independent vehicle in Britain that tested the death of a woman in Tempe, Arizona, in March; It is believed that the first death of a pedestrian caused by a autonomous vehicle. Although the car has a backup, this system did not have a radar and sensor radar in a woman's time that was trying to cross the street with a bike.

8) Saudi Arabia hosts a fashion week for the first time.

Saudi Arabia organized the fashion week in Riyadh for the first time in April. However, the event showed signs of conservative kingdom. Although there were only women among those present, prohibiting the publication of images of women without abayas, a long veil that covers the whole body. However, the organizers said that the event was a key factor for women in a country where they are expected to authorize their guardians.

9) A Chinese company is more than Apple's cellular phone sales.

For the first time, the Chinese company Huawei was better than selling Apple phones, as it sold more than 54 million mobile phones in the second quarter of 2018, compared to 41 million Apple, both under Samsung. The success of the company is even more impressive given that Huawei has failed to reach some of the world's largest markets, including the United States, partly due to the fears of corporate spy and government.

10) A museum in Paris opens its doors to tellers.

For the first time in the French capital, a museum has embraced other nude characters: live. The Museum of Modern Art in Paris, located in the eastern wing of Palace Palace, opened its doors for tourists for an outstanding trip organized by the Paris Nature Society. City of Light also has the first nudistic restaurant in the world, Nature, which opened in late 2017, as well as an area in a public park for people who prefer walking as God brings her to & # 39; r world.

11) A machine sweeps the plastic waste from the sea.

The first engine in the world designed to clean up plastic waste at sea – the raid of a boy who left his university studies and who had that idea since adolescents – used in September towards what is known as Faen Fawr from Garbage y Pacific Ocean. This part of sea, which has been located between Hawaii and California, has the largest ocean-made plastic collection in the world. However, some experts are worried that the machine causes more damage or repair, and argues that it would be better to focus on attempts to prevent the plastics from reaching the sea.

12) French legislators prohibit devices in schools.

School law banning devices came into force in France in September. Students from 3 to 15 years old will have to leave their phones, their tablets and other digital devices at home or switch off at the school site, with some exceptions for students with disabilities or during activities extra curricular Some legislators in the new law have failed to mention too much an existing rule that excludes the use of mobile phones in classrooms during school hours.

13) A fighting pilot breaks the sex barrier in Japan.

Japan, whose workforce is dominated by men, named as the first fighter in August. Former Lieutenant Misa Matsushima, 26, who mentioned the American film Top Gun: Pleasure and glory His inspiration, he joined the Japan Self Defense Defense Force in 2014. The air force began to receive applications from women in 1993; however, women can not submit applications to become pilots from fighting until 2015, when the ban was raised as part of a national initiative to increase the number of women in the workplace.

14) Africa launches the first plant that transforms energy into energy.

Ethiopia is the first country in Africa to open a plant that transmits energy waste. Senior government officials, including Ethiopia President Mulatu Teshome, were present at the opening of the $ 120 million plant, called Reppie, built in a litter dump on the outskirts of Addis Ababa. It is assumed that it could absorb up to 80 per cent of the daily waste generated by the capital and meet around 30 per cent of its energy needs.

15) Ikea opens its first store in India.

Ikea opened its first Indian shop in Hyderabad and changed its usual strategy by reducing prices and changing its list – and even offering coffee – to attract Indian consumers. The world's largest retail furniture company intends to open three other stores in the next two years to meet the needs of the rapidly growing middle class in the country.

16) Russia shows its power.

In his biggest show of military strength since Cold War days, Russia collected almost 300,000 soldiers, 1,000 aircraft and nine hundred tanks for Vostok 2018 military exercises. In addition, for the first time, China took part in the exercises: he sent helicopters and around 3200 soldiers.

17) The first series of reality television was created in Mexico

After doing in Mexico, which follows the luxury lives of nine members of a high society in Mexico City, will begin in September. This series introduced by Netflix, the first reality show created in Mexico, has faced some criticism that it is in a bad taste in a country where almost half of the population lives in poverty.

18) Canada legitimizes marijuana for recreational use.

Canada was the first global global economy to legalize marijuana for recreational use. This is the second country in the world – after Uruguay – to approve that legislation. Since mid-October, people over 18 can buy and use legally dehydrated cannabis oils and flowers. The legalization is expected to produce billions of dollars in revenue once it is fully implemented.

19) There are more pigs than in Denmark.

Pigs are now more than people in Denmark: 215 pigs per 100 inhabitants, according to a new statistic released by Eurostat. The agency estimates that around 150 million pigs live in the European Union, 40 per cent of them in Germany and Spain. In addition, according to new figures released by the Spanish government, the number of killed pigs, 50 million, is more than the country's population of 46.5 million.

20) The Supreme Court of India abolish the homosexual sex ban.

For the first time in over 150 years, the highest court of justice in the country has declared unconstitutional law that prohibits consensual mutual sex in India. The rule, which was introduced to Indian law under the control of the British Colonization, rarely applied critics that it allowed a deposit, sexual abuse and harassment of people in the LGBT community.

Looking to the future

Disneyland will serve alcohol in public for the first time.

Health, muscles. Disneyland will be serving alcohol for the public for the first time in 2019, when Cantina Oga opens its doors at Galaxy Edge, the expected area of ​​the Star Wars theme park.

The first test tickets for commercial space taxis have been organized.

2019 will certainly be an exciting year for traveling in commercial areas: the SpaceX Dragon capsule and Boeing Starliner spacecraft have already arranged their first test flight with the crew.

Source: The New York Times

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