Saturday , February 27 2021

Canseller Mexican confirmed extradition to Chile from "Emilio Comandante"

The Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Monday the decision to extend the order "Emilio", the citizen of Chile, Raúl Julio Escobar Poblete, accused of interrupting the murder of Senator Jaime Guzmán, kidnapped Christian Edwards and various crimes committed in the country Aztec.

"Today National Raul N" Chile "was notified inside the Federal Center for Social Adjustment No. 12" CPS-GUANAJUATO ", with a residential in Ocampo Municipality, Guanajuato State, the Agreement where it is" The United Mexican Union government is giving its international extradition to the government of the Republic of Chile, to be prosecuted by the Supreme Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice of Chile, for a terrorist assault offense leading to the death of Senator Jaime Guzmán Errázuriz, which occurred on April 1, 1991 in the city Santiago, "said the Aztec cancers.

The decision of the Mexican authorities, which in the first place denounced extradition to Chile, was based on "factual considerations and law of the Special Divisional Judge in the Federal Criminal Justice Center Casual Criminal System in Guanajuato Province, which was opinion that extradition is appropriate because the government of Chile complies with all the requirements established in the Expanding Agreement in both countries signed on October 2, 1990. In addition, he noted that the human rights of the person and allegedly being defiled at any time. "

Mexico and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Chile's government committed itself and offered all the securities, so that "the death penalty would not be applied to the defendant, as he had & # 39 ; to abolish in that country, a life prison will not be applied in accordance with what is agreed in the bilateral agreement ".

Contrary to what has happened with the front runner Ricardo Palma Salamanca, who has been awarded a diplomatic refuge in France, Escobar Poblete will fulfill his sentence in Chile.

"With actions like these, a Mexican government explains the achievement of its international commitments in terms of criminal legal cooperation, in order to reduce the places that could create alleged offenders of criminal law," the Mexican Cansseller's statement .

The Foreign Minister, Roberto Ampuero, spoke in his Twitter account for the decision of his Aztec counterparts, in these terms:

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