Tuesday , August 9 2022

Cangri's brother and mother gave details of her disappearance


On Thursday, relatives and friends, Sebastián Leiva, known as "Cangri", warns that the "Dash" friend in the "Pearl" ducurreality has been lost three days ago on the border with Bolivia.

Leiva had two well-known tourists to record a video clip. The three are missing. Today, Leonor Bravo, his mother, gave a detailed detail Chilevision The latest communications with your child.

"I talk to him on Monday and left the boys with those who recorded at the airport on Tuesday, and with Araceli, his girlfriend, he was in touch every morning and last time He communicated with it to # 1 a Suddenly the connection had to cut off", Leonor said.

"He would have communicated in some way if he was right somewhere. It seems strange to me that he had gone there without notice, "the mother added, who asked if her son had any idea of ​​going to salar Uyuni in Bolivia.

Your brother Nicolás They in the north are looking for their brother and said that the fear of the family is that they have been victims of crime. The artist had to return to Chile to return to Araceli baby shower, his girlfriend.

"People from San Pedro de Atacama said they had seen it and that's where it was traced lost, what they told us here is about three days ago that they had attacked some Chilean who carried a truck. "

"They told us that there were illegal actions and that's where they're going to leave, where there are some coyotes. They told us that it was not convenient for us to go there because there is no man's land. Today we will go to Bolivia to look for it, "he added.

Leiva said they had found the chip on her brother's phone in San Pedro de Atacama and noticed a series of movements, such as a last recorded last Thursday.

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