Thursday , May 26 2022

Cami Recabarren uploads a picture of families with an anti-bullying message and is being faced by a former TV and Show partner


Camila Recabarren He has succeeded in being an influential Instagrammer in Chile, where he has less than 1.7 million followers.

From this platform, the model seeks to send positive and powerful messages from empowering women, except to make constant calls to give it up cyber bullying, and she has also been a victim on more than one occasion.

He sneaked his most recent publication, as it showed the most unknown to the majority: in her infancy.

The communicator shared a picture where she is about 14 years old and looks very different from the model we know today. "In the back of memories (I found one) a picture of my tributes. Basketball player forever," he wrote surprise with a powerful message.

"No for cyberbullying. I'll upload the photo for the purpose because I know what's needed to tell me how different I look (as a child, so dark, so angry, I am not. know), but I am no longer affected by bullying because I'm sure what I am and I love myself … but at the same age, even the children, the terrible we do (sic ) ", he added.

"Never give her the best because you can not imagine what life has prepared for you, but yes, you should not lower your arms, ok? So many times they worried me, but I always follow, I always set goals and how rich it is to work to achieve. Happy where I've come with the support my family gives me ❤️ #siemprenegra #nuncainnegra (sic) ", it came to an end.

Camila's message had a full impact and reached more than 137,000 favorites on Instagram and hundreds of comments, although that was the one who caught the comment.

According to the portal of Fotech, among the messages was one of a former school friend, who accused her of bullying.

"Like your former companion in Germán Riesco, I'll remember the bullying you did to me through my glasses, not to mention the pump in the corridors, I hope you can remember," he said.

"I think it's hard for her to know her mistakes in the past, I hope she's a better person," he added later.


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