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Calera must distribute and Union remain


The "cement makers" will play for the first time in an international tournament. Although Hispanics should wait for Huachipato not to beat Palestine to qualify.

An entertaining duel in a dispute in Santa Laura Spanish Union a La Calera Union by the last date 2018 Scotiabank Championship.

The distribution of local people made the distribution to South America Cup, while the knit reaches the "cementeros".

Those led by Francisco Meneghini have achieved the goal and will be playing an international tournament for the first time in their history. Thanks all to 1-1 equality in the community of Independence.

The visitors opened the score for 23 minutes. Author of the goal was Argentina Mariano Barbieri. They broke the dark streak negatively, they must be 678 & n, without converting a goal. The last one had been against Universidad de Concepción on September 1.

He left the team of Fernando Díaz without having opportunities, as O. Higgins defeated Audax Italiano (scoring finishing), so Hispanics are leaving with everything in the supply. At 66 Ramino Gonzalez scored everything and tied everything.

La Calera joined those already circulated Antofagasta Sport and Colo Colo. Although the Union has temporarily stayed with the last quota. Those in Plaza Chacabuco should expect Huachipato not to beat Palestine on Sunday at La Cisterna. If the "steelmakers" win, they will be in Chile 4.

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