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Caesarean section prevents babies from having good bacteria for their immune system by the mother, according to a study



Scientists at the Center for Biomedical Systems in Luxembourg have shown that specific bacteria in the mother's intestine are transmitted to the baby, and stimulate their immune responses, during the natural vaginal process. However, this phenomenon does not occur in children born by a Caesarean section.

"This can explain why children born by a Caesarean section suffer from chronic diseases related to the immune system, compared to spring-born babies," explains Paul Wilmes, the head of the study published in the journal Nature Communications & # 39;

Men are born without germs. However, usually birth is the time when essential bacteria start to colonize the body, including the intestine, the skin and the lungs. Researchers have long suspected that this early colonization sets the line for later health. However, as this study comes to the conclusion, a caesarean section may prevent some bacteria, which usually interact with the baby's immune system, from being transferred from the mother to & Newborn baby #.

Wilmes, together with Swedish colleagues and other researchers from Luxembourg, have found the first evidence of this fact in a newborn study, and half of them have been born by the Caesarean section. "We find certain bacterial substances that stimulate the immune system in babies born spring." In contrast, immunological stimulus in children with a caesarean section is much lower, as bacteria triggers present at much lower levels or other bacterial substances they block this initial immunity ", the researcher's details.

This system that is associated with connecting bacteria together with other factors can explain why babies with a caesarean section are more likely to be statistically developing allergy, chronic inflammation diseases and metabolic diseases. "These children's immune system could be changed from the start," suggests Paul Wilmes.

Now, researchers want to investigate further this link and find ways to replace the bacterial strains of missing mothers in babies born by a Caesarean section, for example, by administering probiotexics. "It is already clear that we should not interfere very strongly in the birth process, babies should only be introduced by the Caesarean when necessary." We need to be aware that, in doing so, we obviously interfere with the natural interaction between people and bacteria, "it comes to the conclusion.

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