Thursday , January 28 2021

Burger King sticks Big Mac with aggressive advertising

The McDonald & Burger King competition is because the favorite hamburger food chain has reached a new level of competition, beyond sales figures or the number of open restaurants. In mid-January, McDonalds lost the right to brand one of the star products, the Big Mac. The EU Intellectual Property Office (Euipo) provided the reason for the Irish chain Supermac, which was designated by the massive US, and allowed any company to use the Big Mac brand in a European territory.

An opportunity that Burger King has not wanted to lose. Only two weeks after the failure of the Euipo, its Swedish subsidiary has launched an aggressive marketing campaign that, on the way, is fun of a great competitor. This has renamed its menus, called "Not Big-Mac", with five different variants of drummers: "Like the Big Mac, but more"; "And hamburger that Big Mac would have liked it"; "Everything but Big Mac"; "Like the Big Mac, but more delicious and tasty"; and "Big Mac, but grill, of course." In fact, it's Burger King's classic burger, as its iconic Whopper, but with a new name.

"McDonald lost the rights to Big Mac's brand after designating a much smaller competition … It's too much fun to keep us from being forgotten," said Iwo Zakowski, Chief Officer Burger King's executive in Sweden, in a statement.

"Big Mac", but grilled, of course, sells very well, if not the most. We all know that everyone wants hamburger on the grill … and this is the perfect occasion to take a message to McDonald fans, "continues Zakowski. The campaign's limited time, according to its chain hun.

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