Tuesday , January 19 2021

Burger King confuses the user, beats McDonald's

  • Burger King is one of the leading brands in the fast food market, thanks to the opportunity they had in the market when implementing advertising operations.

  • The strategies that integrate the user to the brand experience within a trend in social networks, make it essential to understand the user.

  • Taking advantage of timeliness is a very effective norm to be able to implement creative ideas based on opportunities that brands find in the market.

Turning about what consumers expect is an advantage that requires a lot of organization, to ensure that the pattern that is implemented delivers a highly successful product.

To summarize the results, a very clear bet is the one we saw with the Burger King case. The key was the organization and the creative factor that it contrasted with a similar campaign in timeliness, which is its direct competition: McDonald's.

One way to take advantage of these steps is to innovate and plan that we anticipate user expectations.

Cause Burger King

Burger King returned to expectation during Fool's April this year, which was taken lightly by brands against competing with McDonald's.

Burger King did the launch of meatless burgers and the use of proprietary vegetable protein from Impossible Foods, which has produced products similar to everything (energy, for example) to products of animal origin.

Since users tried the hamburger they were interviewed by the brand and warned of the product they had to eat.

The campaign will remain local and limited in the US, however, the case has become a very creative one of how brands should respond to the chance of timeliness.

When we see the work of the competition like McDonald's, the act was made to joke with an image of what a supposed gherkin burger would look like to start selling.

If we compare the two cases, there is a clear winner in the bet to promote products, adding to the timeliness of the market.


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