Tuesday , May 17 2022

Buljubasich and atmospheric at UC: "At any time Beñat was the subject"


Regardless of the result that Universidad Católica will receive at the end of the 2018 National Championship, Beñat San José will continue to train the strips for the 2019 season. This was told by Cruzados sports manager José María Buljubasich, who decided that the continuation of the Basque was in question, as they were told that a clear source of San Carlos de Apoquindo was discovered.

"I do not know why Beñat had a current contract until December 2019, a trainer who has taken 28 the leader of the 29 dates, I do not know where those & 39 ; n come, we are not a subject, but it's clear that whatever it can be said, it's not the same thing to be a champion like not being, for everyone and for everything, for the virtually, for what it means, about the passion, for the purpose requested, but at the same time was the theme of the continuation of Beñat, "the Tati established.

Buljubasich and San José have had differences in their everyday work at UC, however, Cruzados sports manager said "I have a comfortable relationship with all the coaches, with Beñat, I have a very good relationship", adding it's "complicated to deny or confirm all the outgoing versions, I think it would be good that what's happening to # 39; coming out or what people say has had a debate ".

Beñat San José has technical staff with a current agreement with UC until December 2019 / Photo: Photosport Beñat San José has technical staff with a current agreement with UC until December 2019 / Photo: Photosport

"For example, in my case, with Beñat, I do not have a problem, we have a very good relationship, we are talking daily, certainly, in every labor relationship, there is exchange of opinion, but the truth is when Will these things come out, they are very surprising, "he added.

The former sawmiller complained that "damage is being done, things are created, situations that can not be genuine, and we are here to work, to support the team as much as possible , solve any situation that appears and plan everything Let it be for the season that comes. "

In that sense, Buljubasich noted that it was clear that there will be consensus amongst the parties involved in the 2019 campus assembly of the UC and that there will be no form of installation by the technical body or other organization. "I've been working on this since eight and a half years ago, it was never an instructor who asked for something specific, we worked together, we analyzed the players we have and the jobs that we could reinforce them, and when the championship ends, we make decisions in consensus. There is no order, there is no conditioning, there is not a whole, "he said.

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