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Breast confirmation case in a child who traveled from Arica to Santiago by bus


The Metropolitan Region Health Sector (s) Omar Cáceres, had confirmed a measles case imported in a four-year-old boy, who came into Chile by land from Tacna.

According to the health authority, the person affected is a child of Venezuelan nationality that left his country for Chile on November 12, traveling with a mother through Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

In a country, he added the Ceremi de Salud, He arrived on last November 19 where he took a bus in Arica to Santiago.

For this reason, the Metropolitan Regional Health Service called a call to all the Expreso Norte engine passengers to contact the health authority.

"We made a call to passengers who traveled on the same bus from the Expreso Norte N ° 198 line, or Arica i Santiago, with a departure time at 5:30 p.m., contact the health authority through the specified phones ", which is +569 89001761 and +569 85271580, to disregard infectionssays Cáceres.

While the epidemiologist of the Ceremi de Salud, Sergio Alcayaga, emphasize that they will have to "locate all the people who were on the bus to find out if there are people who present the disease and if we do not have to make some form of obstacle , that is, by using vaccines in humans, that could be the hatching of the disease. "

According to the health authority, it is estimated that the intervention of the disease occurred between November 2 and 15, when the child was still abroad.

25 people who have been in contact with the child have already been vaccinated, which he has a hospital in good health and next to release.

Call to silence

This is the second case of measles imported in the country, followed by a woman from Colombia's nationality in early November.

The health authority called for calm before the recent case because, he stressed, that the population of Chile was generally vaccinated and protected against measles.

However, the infectious disease specialist is Clínica Las Condes, Rodrigo Blamey, "the problem was those born between 1971 and 1981, because they are deemed not to receive a dose enough and, therefore, the Ministry's recommendation is that if they are going to travel abroad, these people should be vaccinated before traveling, and for children born, the mothers complete their vaccination plans, who do not cheat their vaccinations. "

"We have to call for a quiet in that it is very unlikely that we will have national cases, because most people should be protected, "he said.

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