Tuesday , August 9 2022

Bread & Mold Bread and butter nuts: Simple Backstreet Boys for Vine Bags | Wine


Only a few days left for the start of the Viña del Mar Festival, which brings together national and international media.

That's why there is a great expectation and many fans of this competition are eager to see their favorite artists.

One of them is Backstreet Boys, who shows Anglo who promises to drive the Quinta Vergara crazy, just as it was in 1998.

Five members of the American group have caused a great deal of distress, making the tickets for the day of its presentation quickly ended.

But like every star, the translators I want that like this They have some requirements to be comfortable during their stay at Garden City, some of which were notified on TVN morning, Good morning.

According to what Martín Cárcamo and María Luisa Godoy said during his sending, the Americans asked for simple things, including: 24 bottle of water, organic nuts butter, berries juice, sliced ​​bread and nuts.

In the opportunity they also showed a part of the dressing room that the singers will use, which is quite wide, and has a large departmental armchair, and some wall decoration paintings & # 39; r place.

Capture / TVN

Capture / TVN

Capture / TVN

Capture / TVN

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