Tuesday , August 16 2022

Botafogo by Leo Valencia chooses to get rid of Sebastián Beccacece team


The reunion between Leo Valencia and trainer Sebastián Beccacece came after his stunning time at the University of Chile with a winner for the first, which also ended with the distribution of Botafogo at the Sudamericana Cup.

Valencia added 12 minutes in the final of a game that won Brazil at their visit to Defense of Justice, a surprise colleague of Argentine football. The Erik (63 and 75 penalties) and Alex Santana (81 ') goals were enough to convince the series, which won the black and white in the leg first (1-0).

The Chile will have to wait until the round of 32 to meet competitors in the international tournament. In the meantime, the Fogao will have to play the Rio Cup and Brazil Cup.

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