Thursday , May 19 2022

Borghi’s iron defense to Rueda by that method which requires leaving DT


He got tired and exploded. Claudio Borghi, a former coach of the Chilean football team, attacked the sports press and regretted the idea that Reinaldo Rueda must be fired for the fall with Venezuela.

The ‘Bichi’, the panelist of the Todos Somos Técnicos program from the CDF, raised spirits by ‘counteracting’ the journalists who have said publicly that Rueda does not deserve to continue in charge of La Roja.

Without going further, Borghi recalled an episode of his days in the Chilean team associated with Claudio Bravo: “I lost a match with Venezuela at the Copa América. Do you remember what the play was like? A mistake by Bravo. They asked me out loud, loud, many journalists who today ask for Rueda’s departure, that Bravo no longer had to play, that it was a disaster … Today what do they say about Bravo? What’s the best in history, right? “

“If I’m going to give a ball, as a coach, to the moments that journalists have that are pitching an idea and want to keep it feeling important, I’m not there,” he added.

Similarly, the multi-champion with Colo Colo emphasized “I am not here to throw technicians in. They hired me here to comment, if I can, on a game, but I am not willing to say that they should go to Rueda, Holan or Dudamel ”.

Borghi continued and emphasized that “from the moment an idea like ‘Rueda has to go’ is installed, they all appear. I listen to a lot of things, radio stations, and political analysts have come out to talk about Rueda ”.

“People hang themselves with or without knowledge, sometimes out of affection for choice or anger. And I think it’s unfair. The federation board must evaluate, but I warn there are not many people with the Rueda curriculum “, he added.

The Argentine world champion deepened his criticism of the media, stating that “many of your colleagues who set up ideas, defend them and do tremendous damage. Forgetting that they mix it up too. This play with people’s work is very difficult. It’s like me saying Aldo Schiappacasse has to resign. Why? “.

“I agree that there is a drop in performance. I can agree with players who quote or don’t quote, but it wouldn’t be fair to say ‘get fired’. That journalists come out to say ‘we have to kick it out!’, No. I’m going to evaluate, yes But be wary, a journalist is thrown out and the hueón begins to cry. That ran out of glue “, he finished.

Finally, Claudio Borghi highlighted Rueda’s words: “He said it already, the coaches are used to being able to kick you out at any time, but when you’re on the other side and you’re listening to these characters … The criticisms have to be fair. “

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