Wednesday , November 25 2020

Bolsa de Santiago closed on Latam's handout

The Santiago Stock Exchange closed with happy accounts in a day where the world markets ended their days without a clear course.

The IPSA posted an increase of 0.81% thanks to the good result today of Latam. The airline recorded a profit of 2.62% at $ 7,073,200 per share, and "continues to improve its growth prospects in Brazil after the avianca subsidiary in Brazil declared bankruptcy, so the stock had a boost", said Vector Capital Investment Vendor, Victor Viera.

On the other hand, AquaChile shares rose to 4.21%, to $ 495 of paper. This is, a day after the National Economic Prosecutor's Office (FNE), said that December 7th had passed the "collective operation", and Agrosuper was the company, an estimated business of $ 850 million.

But the negative point of the day was the fall of the series B series of Embotelladora Andina, which lost -1.12% to $ 2,552,100.

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