Tuesday , November 24 2020

Billy Porter opens a carpet of Oscar 2019 with a tuxedo wearing

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES.- The singer and actor, Billy Porter, known as a fashion adventurer, who was alone high in explosives tuxedo-dress Velvet created by Syrian Christian on red carpet Oscar Awards 2019.

The famous one was wearing a bow stalk, a white shirt with acquaintances and a classic tuxedo jacket over a large black skirt to the floor.

Porter arrived with each other Adam Smith. Nobody was more exciting than a Syrian himself, who tweeted the dress as soon as the artist on the carpet.

The actor has to wear this way in the most important galaxy of the seventh art because the US president is forgetting the community LGTBI during your State Speech.

Many people in social networks praised the appearance, which ensured it was a criminal gesture and a song of freedom and equality.

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