Sunday , November 29 2020

Big Peruvian rich dream dreams of "Tito" Tapia

According to the Peruvian press, Colo Colo coach is an alternative to directing Melgar de Arequipa.

Although he has remained silent after his departure from Colo Colo, the name of Hector Tapia also appears in the media. In Peru, for example, the trainer appears as one of the options managed by the leadership of Melgar.

According to Líbero, "Tito" in Lima has children just when this work was known as an alternative. In addition, the portal says the strategist has seen the duel between Alianza Lima and Sporting Cristal, where Mario Salas instructs (the coach from another Chile in this country is Nicolás Córdova or Universitario).

Arequipa Squad is the new wealth of Peruvian football. His owner, Jader Rizqallah, was investigated by Peruvian justice for alleged money laundering by investing large amounts of money at the club. The Supreme Court has, however, filed the case of the end and the team has enjoyed great campaigns.

He added three consecutive entries in the Libertadores Cup and became a champion in 2015. He was also the second team to win the most after the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

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