Thursday , September 29 2022

Best mixed sheet: Fernando Manríquez, the driver who ordered his silent career with a stone at U. de Concepción


Fernando Manríquez He is one of Chile's best football players in the last limbs of the First Division. In silence, the midfielder formed at Santiago Morning has become one of the most regular men in our football and in 2018 he created in style University of Concepcion.

Knownly, teams like U. de Concepción are not asked to fight the title than the important issues, because the great investment of our competition is far from us. However, those referred by Francisco Bozán They had a distinguished campaign that had fought the crown until the last day with the Catholic University.

And in this huge performance, Manríquez was crucial in mid-Campanile, because with a great vision of play, a special purpose and to reach the goal (seven goals in 27 games) leads the Bozán to an unexpected height in this season of big football.

Its effectiveness in the game made him the team leader of the Auricielo team, who will return to play the Libertadores Cup in 2019, more than a deserved reward for a club that did not make noise and settled in the elite national football.

Therefore, Manríquez was seen as the best mixed leaflet in La El El Chart-ANFP 2018 La Gala.

He showed a lot of talent / image: El Gráfico Chile He showed a lot of talent / image: El Gráfico Chile
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