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Bernardo Bertolucci and five films I remember


The Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci He died on Monday at 77. Although the international media talks about complications of breathing, for the time the official cause of his death was not confirmed.

Bertolucci, born in Parma (Italy), developed on March 16, 1941, his girlfriend for thanking his father Attilio Bertolucci, Marxist, poet and critic. From childhood, the filmmaker enjoyed his two interests, on the one hand he wrote literary compositions and, on the other hand, spent playing with a camera where he intended to reflect the surrounding environment .

He studied at the University of Rome and, although he liked to shoot short films with his brother Giuseppe, his first first connection with a cinema was thanks to the Italian film maker Pier Paolo Pasolini, who worked as an assistant director in the movie Accattone & # 39; (1961).

From that time Bertolucci would be unstable. In 1962, before he was broadcasting his first film, La commare secca, and at that time he would continue to make world-wide viewers fall in love with his work , who often described as "hopeless", because of the criticism he expressed from society in crisis. Of course, throughout his career, he inherited Marxism from his father, It would not take much attention to us.

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Five films to reject Bernardo Bertolucci

1. Novecento (1976): After installing in the year 1901, this play is the political and social criticism of Italy in the twentieth century. The movie follows the story of two inadmissible friends close; One is the son of rich landowners, while the other is an employee and a fighter. Despite the great difference in their social strands; Men keep close friendship threatened by their families Different jobs against facade.

2. The last Tango in Paris & # 39; (1972): With MArlon Brando in the character of Paul & # 39; a Maria Schneider in Jeanne & # 39 ;; This movie turns around an American veteran and a young French actress, both of whom meet when visiting a rented apartment in the city of Paris. The attraction between them is straight to the point that they can not avoid having sex straight away, forgetting completely that they just met.

When they finish, they agree to continue with poor visits, even knowing what they are called. The relationship, apart from being something of a sexual nature, has also characterized by the oral violence of Paul & # 39; i & nn; nnne reaches the point of positioning her using a bar of butter like a lubricant.

The film was criticized after the actress Maria Schneider he assured in 2006 that he said the scene was not in the script, so she had no idea that this would happen and, although she did not want to shoot, at the end of the day she had to do so. This was distributed by many media as "abuse".

For the year 2013, Bernardo Bertolucci confirmed the statements of Schneider, and said that, "The butter scene happened to Marlon and myself on the morning before shooting … I acted horriblely with Maria because I did not tell her what He was going to pass. I wanted to respond as a woman, not as an actress… I feel guilty, but I do not sorry. Sometimes in the movies we have to be very cold. "(See interview).

3. The last emperor (1987): After installing in Beijing from 1908; this movie tells the story of Puyi & # 39 ;; a three year old boy who is being removed from his mother's arms and removed to the Excluded City; There they are crowned as an emperor; in an attempt to get a figure that continues to represent the power of Chinese imperialism in the heart of a declining country.

The child will be constrained for many years between the walls of his palace; until she's time facing outside is all anonymous.

The movie has been inspired by life Puyi, in fact the last Chinese emperor. I've been awarded with nine Oscars, among them, & # 39; Best Film & # 39; & Best Director & # 39 ;.

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4. Dreams (2003): After installing in the French May (May 68), la movie tells a story Isabelle (Eva Green) her brother Theo (Louis Garrel); who, taking advantage of their parents' absence, is inviting an American student Matthew (Michael Pitt), in this way they create a relationship between the three motivated by a series of games and rules that will make them explore their emotional and sexual identity.

5. And Bwdha Fach (1993): The movie turns around the story of an American boy from the name & Jesse Konrad, who leads a common life with parents in Seattle (United States). However, his life changes when unexpectedly appears in his home a trap of Buddhist monks who say that Jesse & # 39; is the re-affair of one of the spiritual teachers.

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