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Bermúdez and critics UDI: Why am I going to resign, don't you realize that we're doing the job? | National

Monday afternoon, the General Manager of the Republic, Jorge Bermúdez, dismissed his resignation after criticizing UDI for an estimated range of: // 04/01 / bermudez-y-criticas- no-por-que-ventos-a-resignando-no-se-da-cuenta-que-estamos-el-trabajo.shtmlrios to develop audits within municipalities.

Indeed, the president of the trade union, Jacqueline Van Rysselberghe, said that if Bermúdez does not decide to leave because of his own idea, by his party, they will evaluate a constitutional accusation for giving up best duties.

The UDI's wrath could be understood, in part, with the situation some members close, such as the embezzlement in Viña del Mar, with Viginia Reginato; and the community leader who has stopped it from Florida, Rodolfo Carter (IND ex UDI).

In accordance with the questions to their figure, and according to a press consultation about a possible resignation, Bermúdez ruled out the monitoring body. "Why am I going to resign, don't you realize that we're doing the job?" He asked.

"What always happens is the auditor's problem and the manager's problem: when things start to appear to be bothering, then there are people who they think should be done, not. improve control, or heal his own fault, but attack the one who does his work, "he broke.

In addition, in terms of the accusation that the UDI could promote, Bermudez said he was unaware of that measure. "It's part of my job," he said.

Information available

Bermúdez ruled that criteria did not change from one borough to another when carrying out inspections.

In this line, she ensured that those who did such work were based on information on the board "and another for survey work".

So, he ensured that the audits were done with "accredited material" and "especially the one that is not on the table, which is omitted and, therefore, we will have to; The auditor will consider knowing how it can carry out that audit. "

In this way, Bermúdez said he trusted the Office of the General Manager and Office of the VALPAROI who examined Viña del Mar. "They are very experienced teams who have my respect and my trust," he admitted.

Viña del Mar

On the Garden City, a communion where a deficit of $ 17,500 million was revealed, Bermúdez said that the initial cash balance, equivalent to the readily available resources https: //www.biobiochile. cc / noticias / nacional / chile / 2019/04/01 / bermudez-and-criticas-udi-por-que-voy-a-renunciar-no-da-da-cuzea-que-es-es-haciendo-el- trabajo.shtml which translates from one year to the other in us was not considered public service because, in detail, they could not be used freely.

The above, because, as detailed, was Viña del Mar was $ 5.2 billion pesos which was intended by the Ministry of Cultures, after nine years, to complete repairs to the Municipal Theater and Vergara Theater.

In terms of accrued income, Bermúdez added, historically the borough received less than expected, so a conservative criterion was applied given the amounts actually available.

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