Wednesday , November 25 2020

BancoEstado is disassociaiates those responsible for simulating theft without notifying employees | Economy

After an internal investigation by the controversial simulation of the robbery made in Linares on November 29, BancoEstado announced to ignore the responsible ones to carry out the procedure without notifying the officers.

The above, after two employees appealed to the Third Court of the Linares Warrant to file a complaint – against those responsible for kidnapping, threats and injuries.

Although in the society published this afternoon, they did not give the names of those who were removed, previously they indicated that only agent of the zone and main operations of the bank They had information about the activity.

At the same time, they said that Carabineros request the procedure and they provide support to all affected officers. "BancoEstado does not have this type of procedure within its crime prevention methods and plans," they said.

Meanwhile, the head of a uniform area in Maule, Héctor Salazar, announced They will investigate the chapter to determine if there were errors in the involvement of the police in the simulation and, when passing, it is bad that the company has not given timely notice to the employees.

In his part, complainant's lawyer, Hugo Velozo, said that the affected person was not aware that it was a police exercise.

Immediately, Carabineros troops would have been responsible for concealing themselves as assailants, wearing white goods and masks Salvador Dalí, in the purest style of the Netflix series, "The Paper House".

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