Wednesday , June 16 2021

Banco de Chile is about to perform more than Santander in profits

One month after the end of the year, Banco de Chile is located as the entity reporting the highest profits of the year, so Santander could end up in 2017 as the market leader of Chile in this item .

According to the preliminary results of November, reported by four of the country's largest banks, its profit is now a total of $ 1,609,379 million (US $ 2,357 million).

The one who marked the largest monthly increase was the entity controlled by the Luksic and Citi group, having recorded an increase of 15% to $ 539,017 million.

In the second place, Santander was very close, with a profit of $ 536,607 million, this is + 10% more.

On his behalf, Itaú (where the Saieh family, the Copesa manager, announcing PULSO) holds $ 171,921 million in November, while BCI accumulates earnings of $ 361,834 million.


Despite the profits, Santander continues to lead in venues. Last month, its loans and accounts received increased by 0.5% to $ 29,510,432 million.

In the meantime, those from Banco de Chile rose 1.2% to $ 27,068,613 million. On the other hand, Itaú and BCI stated a fall in November, as the placements of the property fell by 0.3% to $ 21,185,676 million, and the latter dropped 1.5% to $ 29,352,196 million.

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