Tuesday , October 4 2022

Bad Bunny says he has not yet done his "best music"


A 24-year-old Bad Bunny is one of the best-known trap artists in the world saying "holding" has not made her "best music". The artist Puerto Rican noted that, despite the great success he has received in 2018, he continues to be an "anchor" for his family and island.

"I'm sure the best songs for me have not come out yet"He said at a press meeting in Miami, after interpreting his "MIA" song with Chanada Drake in the final of the Univision reality show "Our beauty of Latin."

Bunny Bunny Bad Bunny / Instagram

"He keeps me people, he keeps the parenting that my parents gave me, the love I'll feel about what I am do, that's focusing on that, just doing what I have to do (…) I do not do this for fame. I'm only a child who has accomplished his dreams and continues to work for that, "he said.

Bunny Bunny Bunny Bunny / EFE

"MIA", a song published in October, which is on Sunday night, played in "Nuestra Belleza Latina", is one of the most successful performances of the trap singer with Anglo and pop artists in 2018, among them Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Churches, Cardi B., Will Smith and Marc Anthony.

This week, "MIA" is the first "Hot" Billboard Billboard and here are the most heard by streaming. In addition, here is the second most selling song in Spanish in the United States.

Also, among the most popular, his refining of "Te Boté" is his success with Nicky Jam, Ozuna, Casper Magico, Nicolas García and Darell, who have been on the bill for 28 weeks, and "You like" one with Jennifer Lopez.

"I enjoy working with people I saw on television when I was big and now I'm going on TV with them", with a bad smile Bad Bunny, who last month became the first artist to sing in Spanish at the Thanksgiving show in New York City.

Bunny Bunny Bunny Bunny / EFE

In the next few weeks his mind is already native to Puerto Rico, who described him as the "only place" to spend Christmas, as a family and "pigs".

He said he does not expect anything special from Santa Claus. "I have everything I want," he said.


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