Wednesday , March 3 2021

Bachelet breaks the silence over the death of Catrillanca: "The organizations work and justice" National

The vice president Michelle Bachelet The silence surrounding the death of a member of the Mapuche community, Camilo Catrillanca, who lost his life 13 days ago during the Jungle Order in Ercilla's operation.

"When I was a president, I have passed laws to improve conditions, economic programs, I asked for forgiveness on behalf of the State of Chile for a whole history of discrimination, injustice," the high commissioner for the current UN Human Rights Chat with CNN in Spanish

"But without doubt all new facts like this, dramatically, I hope that what the authorities have stated will be done, it is a deep investigation where they can be find those who are responsible and bring these to justice ", has declared the commissioner.

According to the above, he said he hoped that "the organizations will work in Chile so that his family and people of Chile know the truth of facts … and justice ".

The methods mentioned in relation to what has failed in the Araucanía and in relation to the State with a mapuche town were consulted, Bachelet gave a mixed answer.

"I believe there are different types (of problems). On the one hand, that is development policies have not always come to the territories of La Araucanía and other regions, so that the Mapuche people could go out of poverty where there were many families, "he said.

However, Bachelet emphasized that laws such as Gratuity have helped to some extent reduce some inequalities.

"Now I want to say today that the boys can study at the university for free, thanks to the laws that we have passed on Education, there are more opportunities. But there is still a situation not equal rights in practice ", explained to the Atlanta chain.

"Therefore, what is without doubt corresponds is that we continue to move forward. In cases of violence, well, we have to investigate, it must be justice and there is that has always been the case in the history of our country, "he added.

In this way, in his opinion, La Araucanía's problem also has an element of violence, which is mixed with lack of development.

Commenting on this, he ensured that all democratic governments had worked on the matter with commissions, laws and diagnosis, which has not been enough to stand.

"I believe that we must continue to move on with great force so that Mapuche people feel that their cultural identity is respected and can develop as everyone living in Chile, "Bachelet expired.

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