Tuesday , March 2 2021

Aylén Milla introduced his new column: He does not care for my appearance

Although they have one and a half months of pololeo, only last Saturday is Daniela Aránguiz's birthday and they show themselves publicly the old daughter of Aylén Milla and doctor Pablo Serrano.

The couple made their main formal performance in the party, and Serrano attended with Milla because the aesthetic expert was attending Aránguiz, as well as other figures such as Francisca Undurraga and Kathy Bodis.

"We met in her office, I went for laser treatment for face regeneration. I liked it instantly but it took me about two months to catch me a bit"says Mile to LUN.

"I can imagine that he used to attend many women on television. And because it's beautiful, talented and doing well, many of them have to flirt him. I think that's why I did not put a ball, "he added.

"Pablo is super simple and a good person. I do not care for my gift, if I walk well or poorly dressed. Rate other things about me … It's very different from previous partners that everyone already knows, "he said when referring to Leandro Penna and Marco Ferri.

That doctor ensured that "I felt that I did not go with my personality to have a reality girl, it was a prejudice to me". He also admitted that he had not seen Milla at the reality shows where he was participating: "Love and test" and "Would you go back to your former?".

"The first time she came to the consultation she had not set her up. He told me that he wanted to make some changes, that we would do trade. I got into Instagram and began to find out who was, "said Serrano.

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