Friday , June 24 2022

At age 73, Angeles Bravo died, actress who gave Mrs. the voice. Skinner at The Simpsons – BioBioChile


  1. At age 73, Angeles Bravo, actress who gave Ms Skinner's voice at The Simpsons BioBioChile
  2. Ángeles Bravo, the Latin voice of Agnes Skinner, died in The Simpsons and Muriel at Courage Code Spaghetti
  3. NOOOO! Angeles Bravo died, Muriel's voice in "Courage, the cowardly dog"
  4. Angela Bravo dies, Muriel's voice is in the picture Courage the cow cowly & # 39; Diario Perú21
  5. Ángeles Bravo: the famous actors El Comercio and the Mexican songs
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