Sunday , November 29 2020

ASUS is changing its CEO and focuses on the manufacture of gaming and advanced users

ASUS has long since disappeared from sales sites, and that is, their ZenFone phones, which usually lead their catalogs, are limited to some Asian countries and have little or no presence in the Western world. Despite everything, the company has continued to have a normal launch rate, but the time has come to give a helmet.

As published yesterday, ASUS is preparing the change of CEO after a few years where its smartphone department does not get the boost expected by the company. Jerry Shen is going to set aside and go to iFastone start which is initially supported by ASUS itself and that will focus its activity on artificial intelligence and internet of things. But there will also be a change of strategy.

New Chief Executives, new direction for games and performance

With a strong presence in the world of video games, ASUS launched its first mobile phone specializing in Android video games. The ASUS ROG phone returned some time ago, and recently went for sale in Spain and other countries, to try to expand the ROG brand to other sectors. The Republic of Gamers enjoys prestige among traditional players, and is about transferring to the mobile world.

This is the exact strategy that will continue ASUS from now on, once the new CEO is managing the company. Although it really is two will take the order. SY Hsu, who is currently responsible for the ASUS PC area, and Samson Hu, who is currently responsible for the whole customer service. New address for new course.

But the only ones that ASUS will focus on will be a mobile gaming on January 1, 2019, they will also turn their efforts to create phones for the most difficult users. Power in abundance and good autonomy to offer high-level experiences, and not focus on more phones mainstream that so far does not work as expected.

The company will start this tour on January 1, the date on which the leadership change in the company is produced efficiently. Hopefully, we will continue to see ROG models reaching their catalog, and that the first ROG Phone but the first is much more. We hope that ASUS will redirect the company, we wish them to the best for them.

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